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Safety measures are measures necessary to prevent repeated harmful behaviour, and which create a feeling of safety for the parties involved. The safety plan should cover areas with risk of repeated behaviour and contain comprehensive steps to ensure a safe school environment for everyone. The measures should be customized to the individual pupil; their age, the severity of their actions, and the current conditions of their school.

You need to be specific and concise when writing up measures, before integrate them into a plan conveying when and how the measures are to be implemented, and who is responsible for it happening. (See appendix “Safety plan”.)

The degree of supervision should continually be assessed, as pupils can find it stigmatizing to be closely supervised, and the child in question may feel alienated and exposed. This can also affect the child’s developing social competence, since they can’t interact with their classmates as usual. The fear of repeated sexual violations must not result in safety measures contradicting the Act of Education, for instance denying school entrance to pupils.

Safety measures requiring an increase in manpower are to be sent to the agency in charge to ensure execution and support.

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