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7.6 Appendix 5 Safety plans in schoolRVTS Mid
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If a student has displayed harmful sexual behaviour (HSB), it may be necessary to make a safety plan in cooperation with the school. This is a tool used for preventing incidents involving harmful sexual behaviour.

When designing the safety plan, the first step is for the principal to call a meeting with the staff most responsible for, and in the most contact with, the pupil. If the pupil is transferring to a new school, employees from both schools should partake. Involving a professional with experience in harmful sexual behaviour is also a good idea. At the meeting you should together reflect on the different sections of the safety plan, share experiences and discuss what measures are needed to secure a safe environment for the other pupils at school. The measures should be adjusted to fit the student based on age, severity of the problematic or harmful sexual behaviour, and the conditions at their school.

Try to be concise and specific when creating the measures. Following this you will need a plan for implementing the measures; how and when, and who is responsible for doing so. An evaluation of the safety plan is also necessary, but the timing depends on the type of harmful sexual behaviour you are dealing with, as well as a stable environment. After 3 months you should seek advice from professionals on whether a new evaluation is needed.

It is imperative to emphasize the positive aspects of the safety plan when presenting it to the pupil in question, for example by saying “Your teacher and I have discussed how we can best care for both you and the other pupils at this school”. To be clear, avoid labeling the pupil a “sexual criminal” or something in that vein. The pupil is allowed to reflect on what has happened and recount their own experiences to a willing listener.

Safety plans for schools

  • Harmful sexual behaviour at school

  • School staff and school property

  • The classroom

  • Situations outside of the classroom

  • The digital arena


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